The Smart Knob

A Revolutionary Device for
Your Vacation Property

Easy Access for Vacation Guests

Vacation guests easily check into their rental property by themselves and rest after their long travel. You can meet and greet guests at your own convenience.



Grant Access to Cleaning and Repair Staff

Authorized service vendors use one day codes to access your property. You get a real time notification when the service staff are at the property. You can monitor your staff remotely with ease.

Control Your Property from Anywhere

You can issue vacation codes from any computer or smartphone. Vacation codes expire based on your settings. The Smart Knob device does not require internet or smartphone to function.



Remote Access Control

Your are in control of the door remotely through the internet. Approved visitors receive an unlock code that works for the period of time you specify.

Access Monitoring

Approved visitors may request access through our phone system. When a dynamic access code is generated this way, you get a real time notification. Access codes generated through the phone system expires in one hour, so that visitor activities are closely monitored.

Secure metal enclosure

We gave Smart Knob a sturdy metal enclosed design. The device is weather and tampering resistant.

Long battery life

Smart Knob is equipped with an intelligent power management system. Even with daily use, the batteries could last more than 2 years. It will give low battery warnings before it is completely out of juice.

Ease of use

Smart Knob has a keypad on the outside of a door. Visitors only need to punch in their unlock code to activate the door. It's really easy to use and no smart phone required.

Works Anywhere

Smart Knob is compatible with all circular deadbolts on the market. The device requires no internet connection. It will work anywhere in the world.


Smart Knob
$ 149 Per Device

Amazingly simple tool to manage your property

  • Revolutionary Device
  • Fits on Most Doors
  • Free Web Service
  • Mobile Browsers Compatible
Phone Services
$ 5 Per Month

Advanced Voice and SMS Services

  • Vendor Unlock Phone Line
  • Send Unlock Codes via SMS